XodiacK - Kimi Ni Furu Zetsubou No Ame [PV]

1st pv from xodiack vo -the Absolute- Eros Eros arose from a parallel universe with limitless powers after the advent. Eros is a superior being with infinite powers, therefor Eros is the Absolute! factor:Eternal existance Main Weapon: Eros or in other words all existence Advent: 0101 gr -7strings of blast- 緋月hizuki is entrusted with the power of the first element, air. hizuki controls the 7strings of blast. factor:hizuki has dominion over wind; element I. Main Weapon: dainsleif Awake: 1001 gr -7strings of flame- アギトagito is entrusted with the power of the second element, fire. agito controls the 7strings of flame! factor:Agito has domain over fire; element II. Main Weapon: 7strings of flame Awake: 1109 ba -5strings of the earth- 八尋yahiro is entrusted with the power of the third element, earth. yahiro controls the 5strings of the earth! factor:yahiro has domain over earth; element III. Main Weapon: Serpent of darkness Awake: 0119 dr -Fortress of aqua- 千李chiri is entrusted with the power of the forth element, water. chiri controls the Fortress of aqua! factor:chiri has domain over water; element IV. Main Weapon: Death Penalty Awake: 0805

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