Slave girls trained to fuck at the Ranch

OVERVIEW This is the first time TTOO has attempted training two girls at the same time. Recommending separate interviews for the girls. Familiarize the young ladies with the rigors of the horse trails cutting through this 60 acres of isolated, scorching hillside. Leash and yoke them both for marches between scenes Determine and test their individual strengths, weaknesses and personalities to develop the week's curriculum SARA FAYE Number one OBSERVATIONS Experience: enthusiast, recently started to follow the lifestyle Nervous, attentive Very curious about the D/s relationship Does not always follow orders on purpose, 'because it's fun' Processes pain well, finds pleasure in it Enjoys leash and collars Enjoys resisting, being told to do things Hates singles tails 'because they hurt too much' Just wants to learn to be a good girl GOALS Obedience, Discipline and Grace RECOMMENDATIONS Offer her a leather training collar to earn Teach her discipline through concentration, balance and pain Start with a painful cover clamp leash on pussy and nipples March her around the pen Make her come up with a name for her slut sister Order her to clamp up her sister Teach her why a collar earned is better than a collar bought Flog her, tempt her to fail Order her to hose off her filthy slut sister and march her into the barn to get fucked Show her that good girls get sucked off and fucked to orgasm LESSONS Learned she is capable of more than she thought Listen to what she is being told Leash Training Does she deserve a collar? CLAIRE DAMES Number two OBSERVATIONS Experience: 1.5 years Did not respond to two pre-shoot requests for background information and input on her training. Lack of a proper response sets a bad precedent Nervous but really excited Surprisingly demure when asked to strip Likes the suspense of not knowing what is going to happen She tells us, 'I've never been a slave before'. GOALS Make it through the day RECOMMENDATIONS We do not know what to do with her, so do nothing important. Make her wish she had sent that email Teach her to formulate a proper response Gag her and tie her to a post Tell her to stand there and look pretty while her slut sister is trained Put her to work digging a mud pit for another site Demonstrate the single tail whip on Claire's huge tits for Sara Take away the shovel and make her dig with her hands Hose her down like a barnyard animal Use her mouth liberally as a fuck hole Regarding her cunt, fuck it or beat it? Assign homework: respond to the initial application letter Show her that bad girls get sent to bed with hungry, frustrated cunts LESSONS Learned the importance of a proper response Learned that for today, her mouth is only good for sucking cock and eating pussy.

Adult | February 18, 2015

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Application   Assign   Background   Balance   Barn   Barnyard   Bought   Capable   Claires   Clamp   Cock   Collars   Concentration   Cunts   Curious   Curriculum   Dames   Demure   Deserve   Dig   Digging   Discipline   Enthusiast   Experience   Familiarize   Faye   Filthy   Flog   Formulate   Frustrated   Fucked   Gag   Goals   Grace   Hillside   Homework   Hose   Hungry   Initial   Input   Isolated   Lack   Leash   Leather   Liberally   Lifestyle   Marches   Mud   Nervous   Nipples   Obedience   Observations   Orgasm   Overview   Pen   Pit   Pleasure   Precedent   Proper   Purpose   Pussy   Ranch   Recommendations   Requests   Resisting   Rigors   Sara   Scorching   Shovel   Sister   Slave   Slut   Strengths   Sucked   Sucking   Suspense   Tails   Teach   Tempt   Tie   Tits   Told   Weaknesses   Whip   Yoke