Paul's barking success

Paul Walker is used to having a glitzy and glamorous co-star, but in his latest movie he is working alongside a few dogs. Fans of The Fast and the Furious actor will get to see a different side to Paul as he gets to share the screen with eight dogs in the new Disney flick, Eight Below. The film is based on true events and inspired by the 1983 Japanese blockbuster Nankyoku Monogatari, a story about a team of eight sled dogs who are stranded in the Antarctic after being left behind by a group of explorers. The dogs have to fend for themselves for nearly six months and Paul stars as Jerry Shepard, a survival guide on a research mission who grows fond of the lost dogs. The remarkable thing about this film is that this is not an animated feature film, the dogs are real and played by 16 animal actors. Paul explained: 'It's like having a big family. You like certain dogs for different reasons, but pretty much you love them all. 'There are certain ones that are real affectionate that get in your lap and want to lick your face and are really sweet.' So why did Paul swap his usual adventure genre to work on a kids film? He explained: 'The logo, the cast, with Tinkerbell shooting over the top the first time I sat down to see it. It just legitimised it. 'That's what I grew up on, it's timeless to me. It means a lot, movies I grew up on as a kid. 'I think it has a lot of those classic elements, that's why I was drawn to making it.' Eight Below is released on UK shores on April 28.

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