Fox News Does US Stand With Christians in Egypt martyr Christian

Copts Under seige /watch?v=tfuqR-219N4&feature=channel_video_title during the destruction of the Church: the Muslim people shouting, joyful and exultant: "we sacrifice our blod and souls to protect Islam!""Warnings to all Jews .. the army of Muhammad will be back!" "the Church collapsed and Priest is dead!!","burning a sign that sais: no to the Church: God is great!" .. This is the history of 1400 years of carnage: the Coptic community in Egypt has suffered under the control of Islamic satanism Coptic Orthodox Priest Rev.Philopater read the martyrdom willingness prayer with Christians Copts in the Name of Christ--Ready for martyrdom and many of the Christian protesters brought with them coffins - We return to the era of Martyrdom days of the Roman pagans & driving them to the hungry Lions in Rome or to the era of the armies of Islam's Prophet Muhammad and the mass extinction of the Jews and Christians... The Egyptian Army & Muslims are Killing Christians in Maspero...WE NEED HELP!! Maspero,Cairo-Egypt in 2:00 AM-15/5/2011(FOX News) Egyptian convert from: Islam to Christianity: says "Muslims try to kill us, and will kill us if they find us."Several religious fatwas: have been issued for "spilling his blood" after Maher asked: an Egyptian Court: to legally recognize: his conversion, so he can one day: be buried as a Christian: and so his daughter: won't be forced: into a marriage: by her Muslim mother: "all Islamic countries, are Nations are very highly, criminals, for ...

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