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Degrassi Junior High - s03e14 - "Black & White" - (1 of 2)

Degrassi Junior High - s03e14 - "Black & White" - (1 of 2)

s03e14 - "Black & White" - (Part 1 of 2)Original Air Date: Monday February 20, 1989BLT invites Michelle to the graduation dance and she accepts. She introduces him to her parents, who then forbid her to go out with him. They tell her she is too young to date, but she wonders if they don't want her to date him because he is black. When she questions her mother about this, her mother says they are just looking out for her. Michelle decides to go to the dance with BLT anyway. When Spike's babysitter for Emma moves away, Spike has to find a job to pay for daycare.

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