Anthony's new move

Anthony Costa insists there's more to his life than just partying with soapstar girlfriend Adele Silva. Since boyband Blue went their separate ways we have seen solo attempts from Lee and Simon and presenting jobs for Duncan, but Anthony has been seen in a rather different light. Ant has been seen out and about partying and attending numerous premieres with Emmerdale actress Adele. Unfortunately for the singer, the whole country watched him lose out to Daz Sampson when it came to representing the country in the Eurovision song contest. Now Anthony is back on track and starring in West End production Blood Brothers by Willy Russell. Anthony explains the difference between performing on stage as a pop group and performing in a West End play. He said: ' It's a different buzz. When you're in a band like Blue, people come to see you because they came to see you - no-one's paid to come and see me in this, they've paid because the play's so amazing.'

ITN | May 16, 2006Watch more videos from ITN

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