blinkx.com is focused on delivering high-quality, personalized, curated video content. blinkx.com is built on a powerful, patented technology platform that takes a holistic approach to video search and discovery, using text, visual and audio analysis to build a deep, comprehensive understanding of video content on the Web. blinkx is able to deliver the most accurate search results and compelling recommendations to its audience, drawn from an index of over 35 million hours of online video.

Brand Safety

blinkx works with a number of high-profile, well-respected quality assurance vendors that we believe will lead the way to establishing a common bar for the industry.

Commitment To QualityCommitment To Quality

blinkx is committed to offering a quality advertising environment for users and advertisers, and embraces the concepts of ad viewability and audience verification. To that end, we employ leading third-party solutions to work collaboratively with internally developed technology and processes.

In order to deliver the best audience to advertisers, our owned & operated sites and video syndication network are regulated by internal traffic filtering and screening developed to filter for invisible traffic, off-screen clicks, iFrame traffic, adult traffic and blacklisted IPs.

This proprietary filtering and screening technology makes use of multiple sources of internal and external data, including whitelists (Google), blacklists (URL, MESD, Alexa), scoring (Adometry, Digital Element), and blocked IPs (Fraudlogix, Adometry). In addition, publisher service teams from across the organization interpret automated data and manually review publishers for a deeper understanding of sites and network profiles.

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Ad ViewabilityAd Viewability

Rated Top Quartile for Visibility

To confirm viewability of the video player on a user’s screen, blinkx utilizes a combination of internal and third party technologies. These third party viewability partners include:

» Integral Ad Sciences (IAS), which assigns an overall “TRAQ” placement score based on placement-level metrics such as page content and structure, player positioning, share of screen/view, ad clutter, and “suspicious” activity.

» Double Verify, which provides feedback on viewability by measuring duration of exposure and ad positioning, benchmarks against campaigns in specific markets/verticals, and shows weekly performance trending.

Audience VerificationAudience Verification

Rated ‘Low Risk’

In order to provide industry standard third-party validation of its audience, blinkx has integrated measurements from:

» Nielsen OCR, which measures the audience of online ad campaigns with TV-comparable metrics. Over 90% of the blinkx audience is validated against Facebook data via Nielsen OCR.

» comScore vCE, a holistic ad delivery validation solution that provides deep campaign insights.

» Fraudlogix, the fastest growing affiliate/marketing partner fraud prevention company in the world.